New machine, factory extensión, SGA and MES: Improved manufacturing and logistic

We keep our continuous investment plan in order to improve manufacturing and
commercialization of our silos. In 2021, we have equipped the factory with a d double
column eccentric press, which triples the productivity for large progressive dies. This
line has a state of the art feeder, with a precision of 0.01mm and an optimal speed. The
extraction belt is automatic, fulfilling the automation objective of our factory.
A SGA module and MES system will be implemented in the second half of this year.
SGA will optimize the reception of materials, inventory and storage system, and
improve order preparation and loading process. The new MES will add to improve
quality and manufacturing control.
Other Project already under execution is the extension of Growket building, a total of
1,000 sqm to improve the distribution area of this factory section.
Committed to our mission to attain high quality standards, the company’s Continuous
Investment Plan targets an annual minimal investment of EUR 3million. In 2015,
automatization was extended to 80% of the manufacturing processes. In 2018 we
brought productivity up by 30% in punching and profiling lines. In late 2019, a new
drilling system was acquired, and the welding and bending lines were also improved. In
2020, alongside with the roll out of a new ICT infrastructure, a photovoltaic solar energy
generation plant was installed.
This continuous investment in new technologies and human resources brings about a
manufacturing excellence and quality, one of SYMAGA silos’ top value-added
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