NDRI commercialises technology for antibiotic detection in milk

The ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI) has transferred a technology for rapid detection of antibiotics residues in milk to — Country Delight — a start-up.

Speaking during the signing of technology licence agreement, Dr Dheer Singh, Director, ICAR-NDRI, said, “The institute has been making concerted efforts to transfer its technologies to stakeholders. In the current year, the NDRI has commercialised four technologies.” He said, “The present technology has been developed by scientists of the Dairy Microbiology Division at the institute’s referral laboratory. Antibiotic residues appear in milk due to indiscriminate use of veterinary drugs on dairy animals.

Pooja Gupta, head, quality assurance, Country Delight, said, “The technology will help the company provide cost effective testing of milk to meet the regulatory requirement.”

She said, “In the long run, the technology will reduce indiscriminate use of antibiotics by dairy farmers. This will help in reducing antimicrobial resistance of pathogenic bacterial which is currently a growing global concern.”

Source: The Tribune