Natural gas protein-an alternative to fishmeal and soymeal

A new technology has been adopted by a Danish firm that is capable of producing natural protein from methane gas, using technology which is scalable and sustainable compared with fishmeal and soy protein. The most advanced technology producing single cell protein from natural gas.
As the natural protein can be produced in a plant using methane gas, and therefore the production is not limited by fishing quotas or the use of pesticides and it is weather-independent. This technology thus provides animal feed producers access to a sustainable protein source of very high quality.
The company have a strong cooperation with the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), owns most up-to-date technology in the field of bacterial fermentation, the most novel technology used to convert methane into protein. For last several years, Denmark has worked on finding alternatives to the soy which is currently imported. The hope is that this technology may contribute to replacing soy in the long term.
Since last 2 years, the company has been supporting this innovation and now is ready to upscale the production by using a method that requires very little water and no pesticides, and is based on renewable energy. It benefits from superior nutritional content and product characteristics. The protein-rich biomass (72.9% protein) can be used as a direct supplement in animal feed.
Key product characteristics include the fact it is developed naturally without any genetic manipulation; has a long shelf life and stable production process; and has a high protein quality which allows for a more efficient diet with less quantities required, minimizing nitrogen excretion.
The technology has already been approved by the EU as an ingredient in animal feed.
Source: undercurrentnews