Kemin Makes Additional Investments to Serve India’s Growing Population

CEO Dr. Chris Nelsonon hand for inaugurationof larger labs, state-of-the-art R&D center and new corporate office in Chennai
October 2015– Kemin, a leader in developing ingredients for animal nutrition and health,recently made investments to relocate to a building that provides forlarger labs, a state-of-the-art research and development center and new corporate offices in Chennai. The 50,000 square footbuilding was inaugurated by Dr. Chris Nelson,President and CEO of Kemin, who talked with employees, community leaders, customers, and news media about the building, the investment, and the company’s vision.

The new space provides clients even more of the services and expertise they receive from Kemin employees who will now have a15,000 square foot state-of-the-art R&D center and labs that include cutting-edge technology and special equipment to advance the R&D process and support customers and their feed management programs.

The Indian market is facing several challenges. According to government figures, India is the second largest populated country in the world with 40 percent of the children being undernourished. That is why animal protein—such as milk, eggs, and meat —is so important to fulfilling the growing nutritional needs for children and the population of India as a whole. Other challenges include high production costs, low or fluctuating market prices, and high threats of disease. For its part, Kemin is committed to providing ingredients that helpefficiently produce quality proteins and nutrientsfrom the poultry, livestock, and fish being raised in India.

“The Indian industry is growing at a fast pace and this newlarger facility and advanced R&D center will enable Kemin to not only keep up, but to also provide much-needed breakthrough innovations,” shared Dr. Nelson. “While we are a global company, our primary research is committed to local needs and Kemin understands what is needed in this region to servethe growing population.” He shared that Kemin is strategically focusing on three major areas:
1) Targeting delivery of nutrients through encapsulation technologies,
2) Using organic acids with essential oils and probiotics so producers and nutritionists can use fewer, and in some cases, no antibiotics, and
3) Moving from petrochemicals to plant science

Kemin is continuously working on producing essential nutrients from plants and R&D teams specialize in working at the intermolecular level of various plants. Today 38 percent of nutrients in the company’s products come from plants and in ten years, it is predicted that number will move to 50-60 percent.

Dr. Nelson went on to talk about the company’s vision and related growth plans.“Keminis currently touching 2.4 billion people every daywith our products and services,” he said.“We need to do more and are committed to touching and improving the lives of 3.6 billion people every day by 2018.”

Kemin offers several proven products and technologies to the animal protein segment. Its team members partner with customers to help them get the most out of the ingredients and supplements they use – with an eye on improvingnutritional value, decreasing costs, and increasing profitability.