INvertebrateIT connects aquaculture stakeholders for sustainable feed

The INvertebrateIT project is pleased to announce an open call to all stakeholders in aquaculture to collaborate with three forward-thinking small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on several promising invertebrate-based feed solutions.
INvertebrateIT is a new innovative project funded under the European Union EASME’s European Maritime and Fisheries Fund in the field of ‘transfer of innovative solutions to sea basin economies’ that aims to help aquaculture operators mitigate their current dependence on costly, volatile, and often unsustainable fish feeds, to diversify their business and to contribute to a better management of valuable organic waste and/or new algal substrates for invertebrate production. This proposed integrated scheme builds on available technology in insect production and strategic policy for the aquaculture and waste sectors.
The SMEs were selected to receive support from INvertebrateIT as they showed high potential for addressing the sustainability of feed, a key challenge facing aquaculture. Through partnerships with leading industry stakeholders, it is hoped these innovative ideas can be transformed into market-ready products and offer a viable solution to these challenges.
Typical fish-based feeds are the single highest cost in aquaculture farming, and increasing demand, price volatility and impact on natural resources are limiting the industry’s growth and sustainability.
Source: Cordis