International Egg Commission unleashes new 10-year initiative to double egg consumption globally

The International Egg Commission (IEC)is launching Vision 365, a new decade-long plan to develop the global reputation of the egg.
The aim of this initiative is to accelerate global egg consumption to 365 eggs per year, per person.
IEC Chairman, Suresh Chitturi encourages all members of the egg industry to get involved in this “unmissable opportunity”.
The International Egg Commission (IEC) is launching a new global initiative to develop the reputation of the egg on an international scale.
Vision 365 is a 10-year plan to accelerate global average egg consumption to 365 eggs per year, per person. Supporters of the campaign aim to tell the egg industry’s story and build the reputation of the egg based on scientific fact, positioning eggs as an essential food for health.
“Given their incredible nutritional value and significant environmental credentials, eggs are a natural solution for many of the challenges we face as a society today,”saidIEC Chairman, Suresh Chitturi. “We, as an industry, know this and we need to ensure that the rest of the world knows it too, by uniting and telling our story. Vision 365 will enable us to do that, positioning the egg industry as a global leader in sustainable protein production.”
The initiative will facilitate a vibrant and growing movement, featuring proactive global communications to promote the nutritional value of the egg and increased outreach to key inter-governmental organisations to inspire progress. This programme is being spearheaded by the IEC, which represents the global egg industry as part of its parent body, the World Egg Organisation (WEO).
To encourage support for Vision 365, the IEC has released a short video which highlights the power of the egg and the strength of the egg industry, with the aim of inspiring egg businesses around the world to get involved.
“Our new video illustrates perfectly how powerful the egg itself is and how we, as an industry, are stronger together,” said Mr Chitturi. “Vision 365 is an unmissable opportunity for all members of the egg industry and associated organisations to unite together and show the world how incredible the egg really is.”
“This initiative has great potential to transform the reputation of the egg around the world, and we need the industry’s help to make our ideas a reality. With increasingly differing opinions on what is good for our health and environment, now is the perfect time to promote the power of the egg as an affordable, nutritious, and low impact food source.”
“We need industry-wide support to unleash the full potential of Vision 365 and more than double global egg consumption by 2032. Together, we can make Vision 365 our reality.”
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