Indian Universities singed MOU with IB Group

On the birthday of Mr. Bahadur Ali, Founder & Managing Director of IB Group on 22nd June, IB Group celebrated the day as the ‘Inspiration Day’ wherein Shri Giriraj Singh Ji Hon’ble Union Minister of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries, Government of India, has graced the occasionwith his presence as the chief guest.
He reiterated Hon’ble Prime Ministers’ vision of doubling farmers’ income. He mentioned that the government focus would be to generate more rural employment and income for all animal husbandry related opportunities across India.
Mr. Bahadur Ali said that the IB Group has been aligned with his vision by running various schemes and creating more business opportunities for livestock farming across India.
The occasionwas designedto help bridge the gap between veterinary educational institutes and livestock industry, by discussing and sharing respective point of views and working towards inclusive prosperity of the livestock industry. The theme for 2019 was Meeting of Minds –Academia& Industrywherein the ideas between select prominent minds in the Poultry sector and Academia were exchanged.IB Group welcomed the Vice Chancellors of all 5 universities (Nanaji Deshmukh Veterinary Science University, Jabalpur, M.P, Chhattisgarh Kamdhenu University, Anjora, C.G, Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Science University, Nagpur, MH, Rajasthan University of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, Bikaner, Rajasthan and DUVASU Mathura – Pandit DeenDayal Upadhyaya PashuChikitsa Vigyan Vishwavidyalaya Evam Go-AnusandhanSansthan Mathura, U.P) out of which 3 universities
Prof. P.D Juyal, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of Nanaji Deshmukh Veterinary Science University, Jabalpur (M.P), Prof. N.P Dakshinkar, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of Chhattisgarh Kamdhenu University, Anjora (C.G) and Prof. A.M Parturkar, Hon’ble Vice Chancellor of Maharashtra Animal & Fishery Science University, Nagpur (MH) have signed the MOUs with IB Group to enrich them with the practical knowledge and support them with hands-on experience of the world class infrastructure and global exposure through IB Group.
IB Group has also invited Industry leaders like Mr. Bob Dobbie, President Aviagen an EW group company from USA, providing poultry genetics and business partner of IB Group in India, Mr. Paul Gittings, Senior Advisor, Aviagen,Dr. Chin How Cheong, International Livestock Consultant, Mr. O.P Singh Managing Director Huvepharma India and Harsha Razdan Head Senior Partner & Head of Consumer Markets KPMG India.
Bob Dobbie advocates that the best solution to feed the world’s growing population with a sustainable, healthy source of protein is POULTRY.
The world’s population is expected to soar to a 7 billion in the next four decades. Bob stressed that highly efficient production methods will be necessary to keep pace with the growing demand for quality protein, while at the same time ensuring bird health and welfare and preserving the planet for future generations. He underscored the advances in modern poultry genetics and nutrition that have led to great levels of sustainability.
As an example, through improved livability and better feed efficiency, 2.5 kg broilers of today will require 0.5 kg less feed, and drink 1 liter less water than broilers as compared to 2003. Thus, 37 percent less agricultural land is needed for the production of the broiler feed required to produce the same amount of meat in 2003, and 31 fewer poultry houses are needed for the same number of broilers. Bob advised that both past and future industry success depends on “continued cooperation between commerce, research and education,” as well as the ability of the industry to attract young talent.
The wise words from the eminent inspired all scholars and IBGs Veterinaryprofessionals to help bridge the gap between veterinary educational institutes and livestock industry.