Indian Feed Industry Price-sensitive Market

Ottevanger Milling Engineers is one of the leading feed mill suppliers in the world. The company specializes in design and manufacturing of equipment and installations in the feed industry, and carried out a large number of projects worldwide: equipment and installations for mixed feeds, premixes, additives, fish feed, pet food, and other cereal related processes.
Mr. Paul Eijmberts, Area Sales Manager Asia & Pacific, shares about the company’s profile, the challenges in the Indian market.
In1Could you tell our readers about Ottevanger Milling Engineers?
Ottevanger Milling Engineers is a family-owned, Netherlands-based company, founded in 1909. For more than a century Ottevanger Milling Engineers is a major player in the global feed milling industry. Over these years a large number of countries and customers have been provided with dedicated and proven solutions for feed production.
What are the new projects that are expected to be pursued by Ottevanger Milling Engineers in near future? Especially, in the feed section, which of these three areas viz. Poultry, Cattle, Aqua feeds is going to be the main thrust area of your activity.
Ottevanger’s solutions can be found in all sectors of the animal feed industry and also cover fish feed and petfood processes. Furthermore Ottevanger builds premix plants, oil seed and cereal processing plants and biomass process plants.
Majority of the plants in Asia are related with processing of poultry feeds (mash, pelleted/crumbled), but there is a significant trend for fish feed production, for either floating and sinking fish feeds.
Furthermore, there is an increasing demand for heat treatment processes for sanitizing purposes.
Could you please share the factors that makes Ottevanger Milling Engineers different from other national and international players in the market?
Through constant innovation and with changing market needs in mind, Ottevanger is constantly improving Equipment and Services. Recently the High Efficiency Line (HE Line) has been launched, which covers the new generation Pelletmill, Rollermill and Crumbler. This line has brought to the market improvements in terms of capacity, reduced motor power, dust-arm design, as well as easy and ergonomic maintenance.
Please throw some light on concept of Containerized Feedmill.
Besides conventional feedmills, Ottevanger also has a unique modular concept; the Containerized Feedmill. This Containerized Feedmill is developed in the early 70’s and since then many references build worldwide. The Containerized Feedmills are still growing in popularity and are supplied for a range of applications, bringing versatility to the market.
Containerized Feedmills can be supplied in the range of 1 ton per hour up-to 45 ton per hour. According to the defined scope of processes, the proper equipment is installed in 20-foot container frames, which can be handled as separate modules. The container frame, being used for shipment, is also the steel structure for the machine tower. The modules can be stacked and connected together, creating the planned process line of the feedmill. Depending on the capacity, finally the machine towers seldom exceed 10 meters in height.
Benefits to customers may include :

  • Machine tower has limited height, and can be build inside lightweight warehouse building (no wind loads).
  • As the container frame is used for shipment and being part of the steel structure of the machine tower, the savings on steel and shipment cost are significant.
  • In combination with the low weight loads of the machine tower, the costs on building and civil works are limited.
  • As such plants can be erected in a short timeframe; require less installation personnel and tools, and for a shorter period of time.
  • Having a small floor print, this compact feedmill still has enough space for maintenance activities.
  • The modular concept also allows easy expansion on later date. The ease of attaching an additional pelleting line or other processes on the existing Containerized Feedmill, prevents you from huge (re-)investments on equipment and on building.

A number of Containerized Feedmills have been provided in several Asian countries, performing to satisfaction of customers and meeting processing requirements. Some of the latest customers opting for Containerized Feedmills are in Thailand and Malaysia. In India, Containerized plants are installed for producing a range of Fish Feeds.
Who is Paul Eijmberts (Area Sales Manager Asia & Pacific) and how does he see the market ?
Paul started working in the feed industry in 2007, and is within Ottevanger Milling Engineers, since 2012 responsible for the Asian & Pacific region. Visiting the Asian and Pacific countries is large part of his job, and Paul can be found on the major trade shows in the region. For customer meetings and participating in selected trade shows, Paul travels frequently also in India. He is involved in development programs and has constant interaction with supporting companies, embassies and local representations, with one goal: bringing feed production (standards) to higher levels to accommodate the local feed production.
Paul: “It is important to listen carefully to customers, and to understand their needs, demands and plans. With proper understanding of these plans, customers can be guided in defining a solution that suits for the next decades, and not only for the next years. I feel pleased that pragmatics and flexibility within Ottevanger Milling Engineers, is key in serving customers with durable solutions. Many of such tailor-made solutions found their way in the different areas of the feed sector”.
“Besides offering complete projects or single machines/equipment, Ottevanger Milling Engineers has a unique feedmill concept: the Modular, Containerised Feedmill. This flexible feedmill design is already available from small capacities and opens doors for small feedmillers to high quality equipment standards”.
Please share some of learning about Indian Feed Industry. What are the challenges and opportunities for Ottevanger in the Indian market ?
The Indian feed market is maturing, with growing awareness of the positive impact of compound feed on animal products. Contribution of balanced compound feeds on higher farm output (milk, meat, eggs) and increased safety of these products, but also on animal health (less diseases), has been recognized. The Indian Feed industry is looking for the best possible solution, but is also a price-sensitive market. Limited by budgets, customers find it challenging finding appropriate processing solutions. The unique Ottevanger Containerized Feedmills concept, is a great opportunity to overcome this challenge. It is challenging to build understanding that the overall investment of a new feedmill, is more than equipment only. Containerized Feedmills come with multiple cost reductions in the overall investment, without sacrificing on plant performance and durability, and making European standards affordable.

It is positive to find several Governmental programs boosting the Agricultural sector in India, in order to create better access to protein sources. Also the Dutch Embassy in Delhi plays an active key role in part of these programs, we feel always supported in a professional way.
The first Containerized Feedmills already found their way in India, and for sure more will follow.
Would you give some tips to the feed millers on maintenance of feed mills?
Maintenance is an important part of running the feed mill, and must be part of the daily schedule. Every system requires more or less maintenance. Maintenance can and should be planned, to have the best machine performance and durability. Without maintenance any machine finally will stop at an undesired time, causing unwanted downtime and costs.
Besides the machine choice on price, properties and performance, also the serviceability topic should be balanced. Well-designed equipment also meets this aspect, which will limit your maintenance activities and costs in the upcoming years.
With our design, dedicated machine parts absorb the wear factor, and are simply exchangeable and cost efficient.
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