IDMA Fair supported by 21 associations and unions

IDMA, which is the only international technology exhibition in grain and pulses processing industry, will be held in Istanbul Expo Center in Yeşilköy
between 04 and 07 May 2017. Growing stronger with its visitors in 2017,
IDMA has received full support of 21 associations and unions representing grain and pulses processing industry in 16 countries.

Getting ready to gather the grain and pulses processing industry with the vision of specialized areas in 2017, IDMA is also assertive about its visitors. Parantez Fair Organization continues to contact with the leading associations, unions and other non-governmental organizations as part of its promotional activities around the world for 7th IDMA Exhibition which will be held between 04 and 07 May 2017. In regard to the interviews, 21 associations and unions in 16 countries provided written approval to support IDMA 2017. 


National Milling Federation of Morocco (FNM) which is one of the associations supporting IDMA Exhibition is taking part with their own booth at IDMA 2017 for the first time. Abdullatif IZEM, President of FNM, comments about their preparations for IDMA Exhibition as follows: “We had visited IDMA Exhibition through our members or we participated indirectly in previous years. However, as National Milling Federation of Morocco, we are planning to exhibit in 7th IDMA Exhibition which will be held in 2017. IDMA gives us the opportunity to follow the latest technology equipment and services in milling industry. So far as a Federation, we have made collaborative works with our members in grain and milling industry to promote IDMA Exhibition. Also, we have provided online support via our website. We believe that we will be able to meet the leading companies and visitors in the industry as in the previous exhibition. 


Pakistan Flour Mills Association (PFNM) has been a regular follower of IDMA Exhibition for years. Stating they will visit IDMA Exhibition once again in 2017, Asim Raza AHMAD, President of PFNM says “IDMA is the biggest fair organizationin the world, whereflour, rice and feed mills as well as pasta and biscuit machinery and technologies are exhibited; which brings all the companies in this industry together” and adds: “As PFMA, we think that IDMA has made significant contributions to milling industry since 2005 and for this reason we have visited all IDMA Exhibitions. We will be at IDMA again in 2017.”


Portugal Compound Feed Association (IACA) is also one of the associations working to promote IDMA. Jaime PİÇARRA, General Secretary of IACA, states that they have never visited IDMA so far but they are working for 2017 exhibition. Saying “We will support IDMA with our members both for promoting our organization and for increasing recognition of IDMA in Portugal”, Piçarra adds: “We continue to promote and support IDMA via our organization’s magazine “Alimentação Animal”.


One of the associations planning to take part with their booth at IDMA 2017 Exhibition is National Federation of Bakers of Senegal (FNBS). Mamadou GAYE, President of FNBS, stated they visited IDMA Exhibition for the first time in 2015 to follow the latest technologies closely and they were very pleased. Saying “I would like to state that I was welcomed by Parantez Group as well as this”, GAYE adds: “Our biggest expectation about IDMA is to provide the latest technologies at the exhibition and to contribute to the development of our country’s businessmen working in this industry and our members throughout Senegal market.”


Palestine Food Industry Union is another non-governmental organization supporting IDMA 2017. Nasr ATYANI, General Manager of the Union states that they haven’t visited IDMA before however they made a serious decision about visiting IDMA after they contacted Parantez Fair representatives. Saying “We have decided to bring industry professionals with us”, ATYANI continues as follows: “We want industry professionals to benefit from this exhibition, to see the latest technologies especially the machines for grain and milling industry. All in all, Turkey is a developed country in production of these technologies.”