Feed raw material imports bring prices of crops down in Thailand

Agricultural organizations will ask the Prime Minister to consider lowering the imports of wheat and corn gluten feed, which have caused their prices to decline.
Both the National Farmers Council and the Crops Grower and Merchandise Association want Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha to boost domestic crop prices by keeping the imports of the two raw materials at reasonable levels.
Wheat and corn gluten feed are used in the production of animal feed. Thailand imported as much as 3.4 million tons of wheat and corn gluten feed last year and more than one million tons during the first four months of this year. President of the National Farmers Council Prapat Panyachartrak has said that these imports have negatively affected the prices of rice, corn and cassava.
The two organizations want domestic animal feed producers to consider prioritizing the use of government rice over imports. They also want to be part of the government’s team, which decides where to source these raw materials.
Source: Thai News Service