EW Nutrition launches Ventar D, the next-generation gut health optimizer

VISBEK, 18 October – EW Nutrition announces the launch of a best-in-class next generation gut health modifier.Ventar D is an innovativeproprietary blend of phytomolecules with a novel delivery mechanism. 

Ventar D addresseskey requirements of the animal nutrition industry.The product has been formulated to support gut health and improve performance, resulting in an increase in profitability for the customer.  Ventar D has been the result of an integrated joint effort of EW Nutrition’s research, development, production, sales and services teams.

Michael Gerrits, Managing Director EW Nutrition, emphasizes the success of the company’s in-house holistic research and development processes: “EW Nutrition is committed to delivering top-notch gut health solutions to reduce the dependency of the animal nutrition industry on antibiotics.Starting from the in-depth understanding of customer needs, a 100% backward integrated approach allows for seamless support by EW Nutrition throughoutthe customer’s journey.”

Ruturaj Patil, EW Nutrition’s Product Manager Ventar D, speaks of the benefits that Ventar D brings to its customers: “The efficacy of any effective gut health solution lies in its formulation, stability and delivery in the gastro-intestinal tract.Ventar D offers a proprietary formulation, best in class pelleting stability and an innovative delivery system. We are excited to bring this novel solution to our customers and be part of their journey to make animal production more sustainable, while increasing profitability.”

For more information, please visit https://ew-nutrition.com/animal-nutrition/products/ventar-d/.

About EW Nutrition

EW Nutrition offers animal nutrition solutions to the feed industry. The company’s focus is on gut health, supported by other product lines. EW Nutrition researches, develops, produces, sells, and services most of the products it commercializes. In 50 countries, key accounts are served directly by EW Nutrition’s own personnel.