Evonik to enhance the exclusive sales and distribution of ProPhorce™ SR 130for theIndian subcontinent

  • Expansion of sales and distribution of ProPhorce™ SR 130 from sub-Saharan Africa to the Indian subcontinent
  • Butyric acid product complements Evonik’s gut health portfolio
  • Announcement comes following R&D collaboration betweenPerstorp and Evonik

To further strengthen the partnership between Evonik and Swedishmanufacturer, Perstorp,the sales and distribution of ProPhorce™ SR 130have been expanded to the Indian subcontinent: India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Pakistan. The move follows the announcement in May of Evonik’s exclusive distribution of the product in sub-Saharan Africa. The latest development will intensify the sales, marketing and distribution of the product in the new target markets.
ProPhorce™ SR 130 is a butyric acid product that is a safe, easy to handle and cost-efficient solution for in-feed application in livestock management. Butyric acid is a key ingredient for optimal digestion as it favours gut wall integrity which is important for performance. The product complements the mode of action of Evonik’s probiotics and shows beneficial effects that can bring added value to customers when the products are used together.
There are many similarities between human gut health and condition and that of animals like chickens. To highlight bacterial cells’impact on the body of both species, the two companies hosted a webinar themed as “Let Food and Feed be thy Cure”on July 16, 2020. Almost 300 Evonikcustomers in the region participated.
The participants received valuable insights from a world-renowned and eminent poultry expert and veterinarian poultry consultant, Dr.Marteen De Gussem. In his presentation, Dr. De Gussem highlighted the vicious circle of gut health and the importance of impact assessment and solution selection to cost effectively manage gut health.
Attendees who participated in the quiz after the webinar had the chance to win a copy of Dr.Gussem’s bestselling practical guide to broiler focused management,“Broiler Signal”as an e-book.
“This partnership will help us to offer a full gut health portfolio in the region”said,Dr. Shreedhar Patel, Vice President for Evonik Animal Nutrition in Asia Pacific South region.
Dr. Saikat Saha, Regional Business Director for Evonik Animal Nutrition for India, Bangladesh,Nepal, Sri Lanka & Myanmar added, “In our continuous effort to provide our customers more value-based solutions, this partnership enables us to bring another unique opportunity aimed at resolving chicken gut health related issues more efficiently in the Indian subcontinent.”
“ProPhorce™ SR 130 is a unique gut health product with unrivalled butyric acid power because of its special formula and advanced esterification technology. It will reach more customers and create more value for the livestock industry in the Indian subcontinent through our distribution partnership with Evonik,” said Jim Ren, Vice President for Perstorp Animal Nutrition for Asia Pacific.
Butyric acid’s activities are well researched and go beyond simple manipulation of gut pH. Butyric acid has been shown to improve pathogen control, provide energy for cells lining the gut wall, enhance secretion of enzymes and improve intestinal cell proliferation, differentiation, and maturation.
All of these attributes mean that ProPhorce™ SR 130 has great potential to assist animal producers in reducing the impact of enteric challenges; in maximizing utilization of the nutrients provided in feeds; and both improving animal welfare and reducing environmental impact.
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