Degossypolised Cotton Seed Protein (DCSP) can partially replace vegetable and animal proteins

Cotton Seed Degossypolisation technology can be used to produce Degossypolised Cotton Seed Protein (DGCSP) with minimal protein denaturation & higher nutritive value based on several Invention Patents and Utility-Model Patents.
Gossypol is a Polyphenolic Binaphthyl Dialdelhyde – a yellow pigment present in entire cotton plant including its seed. The natural presence of gossypol and binding of gossypol with lysine during prevalent processing technology limits the use of cotton seed de-oiled cake in poultry and aqua feed industry.
c1Feeding diets containing gossypol to animals can cause serious negative effects. The presence of gossypol decreases the digestibility of amino acids and thus greatly reduces the nutritional value of cottonseed protein in conventional cotton seed de-oiled cake.
In India, about 12 million tons of cottonseed is available and can be a potential protein source for poultry and aqua industry. Hence, degossypolisation technology can be an ideal solution to find an alternate protein supplement for poultry & aqua feed industry.
In the production process using degossypolisation technology, cottonseed kernel is processed at low temperature for softening, flaking, drying and then it is sent in solvent extraction system for oil production. The de-oiled wet meal is processed in degossypolizing extractor where it is extracted twice by solvent to reach the required gossypol content in the protein. The solvent – free wet meal is dried at low temperature to produce DGCSP with less than 0.04% of gossypol and more than 50% of protein.
c2The ratio of total amino acids to crude protein is as high as 95% and in addition, its amino acid composition is very similar to ideal balanced protein pattern.
DGCSP can be widely used in livestock feed and aquatic feed to partially replace vegetable and animal proteins such as soybean meal, corn protein powder and fish powder.
This process results in increased content of various nutrients along with the extraction of various anti-nutritional factors (like Gossypol, Aflatoxin and Tannin) and other types of sugar that result in over 50% KOH protein solubility, high amino acid content, high digestion rate and higher nutrient level of final product.


by P.N.K Menon, Patel Brothers Services & Engg