Dealing with variations in Feed

The extremely volatile RM price situation due to various reasons has resulted in a huge spike in livestock feeding costs and this seems to be not coming down ever. Ingredient quality issues variation from natural inherent antinutritional factors to intentional adulteration makes it further complicated. The biggest challenge for the feed manufacturers is to absorb extremely volatile prices andquality deviations intoformulations which most often is not achieved due to a lack of awareness. Nutritionists play a major role in this context by just not doing desktop formulations but working on inventories (stocks and prices) and advising purchase decisions to feed millers along with formula cost and nutrient optimization. Total overhauling of feed mill quality control systems to absorb effectively theinevitable quality deviations, and application of newer technologies like NIR for quicker and safer decisions areneeded of the day.
Feed mill processing is one area thatneeds to be aligned for these quality deviations of ingredients as every change in formula impacts feed mill efficiency and this is even more complicated in Indian situations wherein too many changes in the climate pose a big challenge to consistently produce a quality finished good.
Settling down on energy sources, protein sources, and feed additives at all-time high prices has compelled nutritionists to consider all alternative ingredients and additives without proper understandingthat response to these aggressive decisions has cost them even more!!! It is inevitable that there is no other way but to use alternative ingredients but parallelly there is a dire need at the moment to uplift our skill sets and handle alternative ingredients by adopting cutting-edge procedures and protocols.
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