CKP launches 7 microlearning modules on feed safety culture.

The Collective Knowledge Programme (CKP) has developed a series of seven short e-learning (microlearning) modules on feed safety culture. From 9 January, you can find all the modules at the GMP+ Academy.

A microlearning module shares basic knowledge about feed safety in an accessible way. Companies can use them as a refresher course or to train new employees. Each module lasts no more than ten minutes, can be completed anywhere, at any time, and contains lots of practical examples. The modules are available in English, Dutch, Polish, Spanish and German.


The most important goal of the series is raising awareness. Participants learn what it means to take account of feed safety. Through various exercises, cases and examples, they reflect on their actions and are inspired to consciously contribute to the feed safety culture within their organisations.

Step by step from theory to action

This series introduces participants to feed safety culture step by step.

  • In microlearning 1 & 2, the participant learns about the importance of food safety and about common hazards.
  • In modules 3 to 5, the participant learns what feed safety in organisations looks like; how feed safety culture is managed and who plays which role within an organisation.
  • Microlearning 6 is about preventing and recognising fraud.
  • The series concludes with a module in which the participant chooses a personal goal and an action that will contribute to food safety within their organisation.

The Collective Knowledge Programme is a unique partnership

This series of microlearning modules has been developed in partnership with the GMP+ Academy’s Collective Knowledge Programme (CKP). Feed experts from big names in the industry (AB AgriDe HeusTrouw Nutrition and Veravis) pool their knowledge and experience in order to share information about feed safety culture with the world.

About the GMP+ Academy

The GMP+ Academy was launched in July 2021 by GMP+ International and leading international training institutes. The goal of the GMP+ Academy is to collect knowledge and share it with the worldwide feed safety chain. The platform also offers professionals from the chain the opportunity to talk to one another via the forum.