Saturday, March 6, 2021
Thought for growth in poultry industry

Thought for growth

Today poultry industry is acquiring a complete industrial status as compared to what it was as a small scale industry when started. The bigger...

Traceability, the key ingredient for future success

I read with great interest a column in “Industry Thoughts” segment of last issue of this magazine. It was discussing, why are we not...
Chicken business

Chicken business – is there an opportunity amongst obstacles?

The Indian poultry industry has transcended from back yard poultry farming to  ultramodern production system in the past 60 years, generating a turnover of...
Indian poultry industry

The three pillars of Indian poultry industry

All of us sail through challenging times, more so lately. Rising input costs coupled with total volatility has become a growing concern. We have...
Indian animal industry

Major developments and challenges for Indian animal industry

The figures of India related to animal food products are impressive. India is globally number one in dairy production, third biggest in egg producing...