AKVA executive Andrew Campbell assumes the position of CEO for the world’s leading aqua feeding technology company, AQ1, from 1 January 2023. Founder Ross Dodd stays in an executive role, contributing to the company’s future growth.

After a period of extensive growth as the world leading provider of intelligent feeding control systems for shrimp aquaculture, Ross Dodd has decided to hand over the position of CEO of AQ1 to the experienced technology leader Andrew Campbell, who has been directing the AKVA Group’s International operations in the Americas, Austrasia, Mediterranean and UK for the last 20 years.

“We are extremely happy that Andrew Campbell has decided to join us to build the future of AQ1. Sustainable aquaculture will be driven by low-impact feed solutions and intelligent feeding technology, enabling efficient farm management.

We believe there is huge potential for growth at the intersection between feed and technology, and Andrew brings vast experience to the table”, explains Carlos Diaz CEO BioMar Group.

When acquiring AQ1, BioMar announced this investment as the first step into feeding technology, moving towards becoming a true solution provider, and Andrew Campbell will henceforth lead an ambitious strategy for moving beyond feed supply:

“Ross Dodd’s contribution to building and guiding AQ1 into a leading position in the shrimp markets has been instrumental, and we welcome his continued involvement in the company. What he has done towards efficient aquaculture is outstanding. The algorithms and the acoustic systems are now at a level where we can truly talk about intelligent feeding. Moving into the next phase of technology solutions will open doors to a new generation of sustainable aquaculture,” concludes Carlos Diaz.

Andrew Campbell and Ross Dodd have previously worked together in the AKVA Group, and will, during the next months’, work together on a transition plan.

“I strongly believe that together we can build on the magic of AQ1, accelerate global growth, and leverage the possibilities for using feeding technologies within the world of shrimp. AQ1 is a business with huge potential for leading the technological transformation within shrimp farming, and I am proud that BioMar and Ross have trusted me with this challenge”, comments Andrew Campbell.

Source By : BioMar