Another Indian Agritech startup in the Animal Industry

Agritech startup Animpet Ecomm Pvt Ltd has started an e-commerce platform for trading livestock, dairy items, poultry-meat products, animal feed, nutrients, and medicines as well as provision of veterinary services.

Gurugram-based firm, which was incorporated in 2021 by Bhasker Pathak, Ashish Gupta and Karishma Dagar, launched the hybrid e-marketplace after the successful trial runs mounting over 25,000 vendors offering 1,50,000 products and services, a company statement said.

The company said it aims to represent an estimated INR 32 lakh crore economy revolving around the animal wealth in the country.

“Vendors number will be scaled up to one million, offering 10 million products,” Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer Karishma Dagar said, adding that the platform is an attempt to give an organized marketplace, which hitherto is largely physical and unorganized, offering B2B, B2C and C2C services on a single platform.
The platform would have 15 verticals ranging from livestock trading, dairy and products, poultry, meat and products, animal feed, nutrients, medicines, and veterinary services, she said.

“India is the global leader in milk production, number two in fisheries, number three in egg production, number four in buffalo meat exports, etc. Yet the irony is the entire animal economy is heavily segmented and largely unorganized. This caught our imagination and over four years of subject research along with technology deployment for the purpose has resulted in,” Dagar said.

Logistics and payment gateway for ease of trade and transactions have been arranged. The company has already started tapping potential investors to raise funds for expansion, she added. is an open-for-all platform where anybody, from an established brand to a local vendor, can register and sell their services and products with the advantage of a zero-joining fee, the statement said.
Source: Economic Times