[BENGALURU, India] – Alltech India, a leading global animal health and nutrition company, announces an art contest for school children. The fourth Alltech India painting competition will accept entries from Aug. 1­ to Sept. 30. The winner’s painting will be featured in the 2019 Alltech India calendar and will also win cash prizes.
As famed American engineer William Hewlett once said, “Creativity is an area in which younger people have a tremendous advantage, since they have an endearing habit of always questioning past wisdom and authority.”
“The creative talent of children is truly inspirational,” said Dr. Aman Sayed, managing director of India and regional director of south Asia at Alltech Biotechnology. “At Alltech, with our culture of contagious curiosity, we love finding new ways to help you encourage your kids’ creativity! We want children to paint their imaginative ideas on canvas and encourage the world to see through their eyes.”
Alltech’s mission is to improve the health and performance of people, animals and plants through nutrition and scientific innovation. With that in mind, this year’s chosen theme is Water and Life.
Participants: All school-age students, between the ages of five and 15, can participate.
When: The contest is open from Aug. 1 to Sept. 30, 2018. The last date to send hard copies of paintings to the Alltech office is Oct. 1, 2018.
Rules and guidelines: The artwork should be A3 size (297 mm x 420 mm or 11.7 inches x 16.5 inches) and made on paper (canvas/drawing sheet). Oil paint, acrylic paint, watercolours, poster colours, coloured pencils or pastels may be used.
Submission: The completed art must be scanned and a soft copy sent to The hard copy must be sent to the Alltech Bangalore corporate office by post or courier. For more details, write to