AB Vista South Asia Conducts Seven INSPIRE Seminars all over India

The following questions asked by Mr. Vijay Sardana, were discussed actively by captains of poultry industry who attended INSPIRE seminars at Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Kolkata, Pune and Karnal:

  1. What are the Emerging Important Issues faced by Poultry Industry in your area?
  2. How to minimize Cost of Production without compromising on Efficiency?
  3. How to Improve Consumption of Poultry Products & create profitable Markets?
  4. How to maximize Profitability without compromising on Quality & Efficiency?
  5. Feed cost saving by using enzymes in broiler and layer feeds
  6. How to improve productivity
  7. How to minimize impact of diseases
  8. How to control fly problems
  9. What are misunderstandings of modes of action of Xylanases?
  10. How to assay xylanases?
  11. How to compare different NSP-degrading enzymes?
  12. How Superdosing of Quantum Blue complements use of Econase XT?
  13. How Corn Quality Service helps customers to formulate diets?

Dr. Chandrasekaran highlighted following issues and gave solutions as well:

Dr. Robert Ten Doeschate, Technical Director (EMEA), AB Vista and Dr. Gilson Gomes, Global Technical Manager, AB Vista (both from UK) presented summary of research presentations on non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) enzymes presented at “The International INSPIRE Forum”which was conducted at Scotland in April 2014. Highlights of their presentations were as follows:

Mr. Ari Kiviniemi, Global Sales Director and Dr. Dinesh Bhosale, Regional Sales Director gave presentations on AB Vista’s growth and future plans.